1. Janetkirsh

    Are you familiar with the Snorefit device or other devices that stimulate the Vegus nerve. These devices sound like a possible way to treat snoring. However I have not found any independent studies.

    • Adrian Zacher

      Hi Janet. Thanks for commenting. No, I was not familiar with this particular product. So, I Googled it and I would make two observations:
      1) As you say, where is the clinical research evidence? Maybe it exists but I would have thought they would proclaim it?
      2) As an Over-the-Counter product it is trivialising snoring (it also mentions sleep apnoea), as no assessment or diagnosis has been performed prior to self ‘treatment’.

      While it may work, I (like you) think it wise to view it with scepticism. My advice would be to consult a sleep-trained professional, work out what you’re dealing with (get screened for obstructive sleep apnoea) and THEN be guided to a prescription and validated solution.

      Best of luck.



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