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Actionable help for snoring and drowsiness

Adrian Zacher

Hi, I’m Adrian Zacher and you should know that I’m not a doctor. I am however, someone with approaching 30 years in the sleep industry.

Someone who gives a damn.

Today, that goes by the handle of a ‘Sleep Patient Advocate‘.

Or trouble maker 🙂 for the hard-sell gang.

Killer in your bedroom (sounds dramatic doesn’t it!) is my latest (and I think best) attempt to help snorers, their partners and their families get the help they need and deserve.

Help that I consider is currently obscured by:

  • widespread sales of BS with little or no evidence to justify its place on the market
  • well-meaning but ultimately self-defeating (or just plain daft) bureaucracy
  • a misunderstanding of the severity of the problem by many that should know better

In this direct, and sometimes black humoured book, I will tell you exactly how it is.

Paul Sharville

Killer in your bedroom. Adrian in your corner

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I really liked the way this book is divided into sections, and with links, so regardless of where I am in the book, I can jump around to the content that’s relevant to me at that point. It’s a bit like the books you might have read as a child where you choose the outcome!

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I am the mother of Adrian Zacher and as such you may think I am biased. YES A BIT.

I have watched my son throughout this journey and have at times thought that he would give up his quest to help others solve the problem of snoring and other problems.

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In the eBook, I show you how to spot the BS

KILLER IN YOUR BEDROOM is for both the snorer (with and without sleep apnoea symptoms – and I explain what these are) and for the long-suffering partner or family.

My aim is to help you both sleep peacefully and wake up rested, ready for the new day, with as little ‘fluff’ as possible.

I’ve opted for a “Branching story” or “Choose your own ending” structure (you may be familiar with this style from your children’s books?) to address different reader needs.

And because snoring occurs while you sleep, I’ve included what I consider the top 3 sleep ‘killers’ (you’ll have to read the eBook to find out what they are!).

If you snore and wake up with sleepiness, fatigue, tiredness, a lack of energy or experience daytime drowsiness, then read the eBook and consult a sleep-trained healthcare professional.

The above may be symptoms of sleep apnoea. Which is the ‘Killer’ that I’m talking about.

In the eBook, I tell you why sleep apnoea matters in a concise way, focusing on what you can do about it.

So, don’t kill the snorer, help them to stop in an evidence-based way.

And don’t fall asleep while driving and kill yourself and/or innocent others.

Get KILLER IN YOUR BEDROOM and learn how to stop snoring and get help for sleep apnoea.

After downloading this eBook, you will learn…

  1. How to stop snoring – your treatment options explained
  2. How to spot the BS “quick fix” gadgets
  3. What to do if you’re more worried about losing your job (because you think you may have sleep apnoea)

All of this and more, in bite-sized, short chapters with illustrations.

None of us have time to waste and if you’re sleep-deprived I need you to be awake long enough to get the help you need.

This eBook is intentionally brief:

As such, Killer in your bedroom, is full of:

  • generalisations
  • simplifications
  • and broad interpretations of sleep science

because I believe you just want to know how to move forward.

You can expect frank, no-nonsense advice which gives you a clear, honest picture of the situation and what you can do about it.

It’s for adults because children should not snore.

If you (or your partner) snore then read this and consult a sleep-trained healthcare professional. This eBook is not a substitute for their medical advice.

This sh*t’s personal

If I can help one person stop snoring, then this eBook is a success.

And, if I can encourage one person to get help for previously undiagnosed sleep apnoea, which means they can keep:

  • their jobs
  • their home
  • their relationship

and live a longer, healthier life without risking falling asleep while driving, having a horrific accident, and killing innocent others, then this eBook is a roaring success!

Mostly, I hope this helps you.

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