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Adrian Zacher

Hi, I’m Adrian Zacher, founder of Snorer.com.

I’ve spent the last 30 years disrupting the BS used to separate you from your hard-earned.

If you’re here it’s probably safe to say you want the snoring to stop, but don’t be in such a hurry that you get sold snore ‘cure‘ crap.

Snorer.com is different.

Snorer.com has no ads. No product placement. It’s not sponsored by or ‘powered by’. Snorer.com provides independently created, authoritative content and expert reviews.

Please stop sending me ‘guest blogs’ where you plug products with limited if any evidence to justify the claims you make for them.

Self-Help Ways to Stop Snoring and reduce the severity of Sleep Apnoea. Known as Lifestyle Changes

Adrian runs through the top 7 self-help ways to stop snoring in this quick video

Self-Help Ways to Stop Snoring and reduce the severity of Sleep Apnoea. Known as Lifestyle Changes

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Best Anti-Snoring Device Expert Review
Best Anti-Snoring Device Expert Review
By Adrian Zacher
Self-help to Stop Snoring
Self-help to Stop Snoring
By Adrian Zacher
How to Stop Snoring Permanently?
How to Stop Snoring Permanently?
By Adrian Zacher
Anti Snore ChinStraps Safe or Dangerous?
Anti Snore ChinStraps Safe or Dangerous?
By Adrian Zacher

“..champion of the sufferer’s right to know the fact from the fiction”.


In the complex world of sleep and OSA education and support (and often dubious scientific claims to sell ineffective products), Adrian is a touchstone for trustworthiness, rigour and reliability.

His knowledge and informed advice has helped considerably in my understanding of my condition and decision-making process over my care.

He is always my first port of call on the latest advice and developments, and he is a real champion of the sufferer’s right to know the fact from the fiction.

“Everyone would benefit”


Everyone who is affected by snoring would benefit by following the advice here, possibly more than they could imagine.

“Dedicated and passionate”


Adrian is very dedicated and passionate about providing the right information on snoring and associated issues . He is innovative and a forward thinker !

His work is truly commendable. Good luck with many more endeavours Adrian.


Very Friendly team offering advanced state of art technology and facilities in this field which made the dental work much easier.
Highly recommended


Very knowledgeable organisation with an excellent level of service – recommended.

Actionable help for snoring and drowsiness:

4.6 stars from 14 reviews on Amazon

KILLER IN YOUR BEDROOM is my latest eBook to help you (snorers, partners and families) get the help you need and deserve.

Help that is currently obscured by:

  • Sales of BS that just doesn’t work (little or no evidence to justify it’s place on the market)
  • Well-meaning but ultimately self-defeating bureaucracy
  • It has to be said, widespread ignorance among health care professionals

After buying this inexpensive eBook, (£2.54 roughly $3 USD) you’ll learn…

  • How to actually stop snoring – who to speak with first
  • How to spot the BS supposed “quick fix” gadgets that are just out to rob you
  • What to do if you’re more worried about losing your job (because you think you might have sleep apnea)

All of this and much, much more, in bite-sized, short chapters (with illustrations) for less money than a pint! It’s available right now on Amazon. ➴

Free Online Sleep Training for Community Pharmacists

This free course is for the Community Pharmacist.

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