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Snorer and partner, Community Pharmacist and Dentist

Want to Stop Snoring?

Hi, I’m Adrian Zacher.

Let me help you:

Don’t buy snore ‘cure’ crap sold online.

Instead, explore your symptoms to see if you show signs of sleep apnoea (OSA).

Then consult a sleep-trained healthcare professional for the most appropriate EVIDENCE-BASED way to stop.


Try this quick stop snoring quiz.

I promise no gadget sales and
your data isn’t stored.

Q1: Are you Male or Female?

Q2: I’ve been told that I snore

Q3: I’ve been told that I stop breathing while I sleep, although I don’t remember this when I wake up

Q4: I have high blood pressure

Q5: My friends and family say they have noticed changes in my personality

Q6: I am gaining weight

Q7: I sweat excessively during the night

Q8: I have noticed my heart pounding or beating irregularly during the night

Q9: I get morning headaches

Q10: I have trouble sleeping when I have a cold

Q11: I suddenly wake up gasping for breath during the night

Q12: I am overweight

Q13: I seem to be losing my sex drive

Q14: I feel sleepy during the day even though I have slept through the night

Calculating your score..

Your Score:

Your snoring test result indicates you should consult a sleep-trained pharmacist or your GP to be:

  • Screened for sleep apnoea (OSA)
  • Signposted to the most appropriate treatment for you (with a review of your medical history)
  • Get help addressing the underlying reasons why you snore

If you scored 7 or more you show symptoms of Obstructive Sleep Apnoea (OSA), a life-threatening disorder that causes you to stop breathing repeatedly – often several hundred times per night – during your sleep.

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Featured Resource:

KILLER IN YOUR BEDROOM is my attempt to help snorers, their partners and their families get the help they need and deserve.

Help that is currently obscured by:

  • Sales of gadgets and potions that just don’t work (they’ve little or no evidence to justify their place on the market)
  • Well-meaning but ultimately self-defeating bureaucracy

After downloading this book, you will learn...

  • How to stop snoring – your treatment options explained
  • How to spot the BS “quick fix” gadgets
  • What to do if you’re more worried about losing your job (because you think you may have sleep apnea)

All of this and more, in bite-sized, short chapters with illustrations.

This free course is for the Community Pharmacist. If you're not one - then scroll on down! 🙂

Free Online Sleep Training for Community Pharmacists

Unpacking the NOA mandibular repositioning device:

Unpacking The NOA from OrthoApnea. Mandibular Advancement Device - sleep expert review.

What Others Are Saying:


In the complex world of sleep and OSA education and support (and often dubious scientific claims to sell ineffective products), Adrian is a touchstone for trustworthiness, rigour and reliability. His knowledge and informed advice has helped considerably in my understanding of my condition and decision-making process over my care. He is always my first port of call on the latest advice and developments, and he is a real champion of the sufferer’s right to know the fact from the fiction.

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Adrian is very dedicated and passionate about providing the right information on snoring and associated issues . He is innovative and a forward thinker ! His work is truly commendable . Good luck with many more endeavours Adrian.

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Very Friendly team offering advanced state of art technology and facilities in this field which made the dental work much easier.
Highly recommended

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Very knowledgeable organisation with an excellent level of service – recommended.

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Everyone who is affected by snoring would benefit by following the advice here, possibly more than they could imagine.

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