SnoreYawnWarn – What’s it all about?

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Snore Yawn Warn is an international public health campaign initiated by the British Society of Pharmacy Sleep Services.

It’s free, open to all and it’s about snoring and Obstructive Sleep Apnoea / Apnea (OSA).

SnoreYawnWarn stands for:

  • 1

    Snoring – Don’t trivialise it – it’s no joke

  • 2

    Yawning – Do you suffer excessive sleepiness when you should be awake?

  • 3

    Warning – These are warning signs of sleep apnoea / apnea – seek help!


Snoring is routinely dismissed as a joke when it’s anything but:

  • for the partner
  • for the snorer

We believe the time has come to STOP the exploitation of snorers by businesses interested only in profiting from snorers’ misery.

SnoreYawnWarn is about the PATIENT.

Snoring may be a symptom of obstructive sleep apnoea / apnea – a life threatening condition.

This is your opportunity to ‘Bang the metaphorical drum’.


👉 Use the hashtag: #SnoreYawnWarn in your own posts, about anything relating to snoring and sleep apnoea / apnea.

👉 COMMENT, like and share on posts using the hashtag.

The consequences of sleep apnoea / apnea are so many and wide-spread, you should have plenty to talk about!

👉 Download and use the images above (right click > save as) – but don’t be limited by us!


Whenever you post about snoring and sleep apnea / apnoea on any and all avenues, both on and offline use the hashtag: #SnoreYawnWarn (use capital letters on the S, Y and W to make it more readable).

How do you use a hashtag?

Who’s behind this campaign?

The British Society of Pharmacy Sleep Services and Adrian Zacher, The Sleep Patient Advocate™.

Learn more about the BSPSS ↗ and their to bring sleep expertise to a community pharmacy in a High Street near you.

Created by Adrian Zacher 25th March 2022

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