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For Gawds sake! – Get off your back and

Snoring is really boring.

Nobody wants to snore, yet a LOT of people do.

So, I’m not going into WHY you snore, instead I’m looking at a dead simple way to stop (maybe).

We all know you snore if you sleep on your back (known by medical folks as supine).

And if you have sleep apnoea / apnea…

you really need to get off your back.

But as we get larger, some of us find that sleeping flat on our back is more comfortable, and avoids a ‘dead arm’ sensation.

What to do?

Previously, I reviewed a high-tech way to train you not to sleep on your back but if we go back to basics and take more of a ‘hammer and nails‘ approach (not literally) then maybe this child’s swimming aid could be repurposed!?

No, I’m not telling you to steal your kids swimming kit… but this ‘shark fin’ stops littluns turning over (and hopefully stops them drowning).

Stay with me…

This independent (no ads or affiliate links) sleep-industry expert review, looks at a German made and deadly serious way to categorically rule out sleeping on your back.

This product gives a whole load of NO!

Keep reading to explore this way to stop snoring and lessen sleep apnoea / episodes and duration.

No swimming tips, I promise.

Snoring OSA

Snoring or Obstructive Sleep Apnoea / Apnea?

When people snore they usually hear all about it!

But what they may not know, is whether they snore as a symptom of Obstructive Sleep Apnoea / Apnea.

Diving in to a treatment (are we’re back to the shark fin again?) without knowing what is wrong is not the smartest move to make.

So, the first thing to do is:

  • 1

    Understand if snoring is a symptom of Obstructive Sleep Apnoea / Apnea

  • 2

    Or your existing health conditions mean your snoring needs investigating (i.e. diabetes, a heart condition, obesity etc.)

3 ways to stop sleeping on your back (and stop snoring):

  • 1

    Tennis ball sewn into a pocket of a T-shirt, worn back to front (completely useless and a waste of time)

  • 2

    Electronic devices that know when you’re on your back and encourage you to turn over

  • 3

    What I’m reviewing in this post (anti snoring vest and ‘fin’)

Introducing the Nachtwaechter positional therapy vest

I don’t sell these so don’t come to me for them.

They’re available here (not an affiliate link): Amazon ↗ in the region of £80 GBP

Check out the Nachtwaechter positional therapy vest and ‘fin’. It’s serious stuff right!

Click on an image to go to their website in a new tab. ↗

Nachtwaechter positional therapy vest to stop you sleeping and snoring on your back.
Positional therapy vest to stop you sleeping (and snoring) on your back. Showing the velcro fastener.

Its properly made with a good sized, velcro fastener.

I’d suggest not wearing a T-shirt or PJ top when using this (the ‘fin’ comes out so you can pop the vest in the wash).

Removable (for washing) 'fin' of the positionaly therapy vest to stop you sleeping on your back.

Scroll down for my assessment.

What I liked, didn’t like and what is unknown.

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What I liked:

It’s not negotiable – you’re SO not sleeping on your back!

The manufacturer claims they’re the No. 1 in Germany and to be fair I can see why.

It’s well made and it should work.

It’s less expensive than an electronic device.

It has been developed with several highly acclaimed sleeping laboratories and sleeping doctors in Germany. Some of the doctors are multiple award winners of Germanies society of sleep medicine.

What I didn’t like:

This needs balancing with the reality of the situation! Snoring is intolerable for the bedpartner and sleep apnoea is a killer:

  • Its huge! Balance that with it being made for larger people who will ignore the ‘tennis ball’ sewn into the pocket of a T-shirt worn back-to-front
  • No data about how well it works – just know that it is categorically eliminating back (supine) sleep
  • Get a bit hot in it – so no duvet – but you couldn’t use a duvet with the fin anyway (the manufacturer contends they’ve made considerable strides in this regard with ‘cool foam’ etc.


Hmm I think the duvet could be an issue as you move about (more arguments about stealing it in the night…).

But that’s better than snoring or suffering sleep apnoea episodes should you sleep on your back.

What I don’t know:

If you’re using PAP therapy then side sleeping and turning over face down to your pillow may displace your mask. You’d have to perfect this over time.

A combination of this ‘fin’ with an mandibular repositioning device could be an effective alterative to PAP. This would be absolutely individual treatment and you’d need a sleep study to confirm if it worked or not.


  • It works – sleeping on your back is ruled out – absolutely non-negotiable!
  • Its well-made
  • Less obtrusive but more expensive ways are available

But this is LIFE AND DEATH stuff.

If positional OSA is an issue, then this will absolutely work when worn!

Note: It takes 3-6 months to train your brain – so you understand that you can’t sleep on your back anymore.

It might be huge yes, but I’m told that when sleeping on your side, the vest doesn’t hinder a good sleep or your comfort in any way. I’m told that people find it nice to actually lean against it.

Let me know!

It’s available in the UK on Amazon under the brand name ‘Night WatchMan” anti snore vest..


Self-help isn’t cutting it? Don’t self-diagnose.

Instead, consult a sleep-trained pharmacist.

These accessible and underutilised, caring healthcare professionals can really help you!

▶ If you have sleep apnoea / apnea with a positional element to it – then get off your back!

Here’s your next step:

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MAD Mandibular Advancement Device – Jaw advancing device, worn at night while asleep to hold forward the lower jaw to stop snoring and prevent obstructive sleep apnoea / apnea.

MAS Mandibular Advancement Splint – See ‘MAD’.

MRD Mandibular Repositioning Device – See ‘MAD’.

OSA Obstructive Sleep Apnoea – (also spelt apnea) When an individual is unable to sleep and breathe at the same time. Visually, a repetitive pattern of breathing interruptions (apnoeas) occurring while the individual sleeps, due to a physical obstruction in the airway.

Sleep-trained Pharmacist – A pharmacist that has undergone special interest training in sleep-related breathing disorders. Pharmacists are the most accessible and underutilised healthcare professional.


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