1. Roger Lafferty

    Hi there,

    Truly great article, I must say and the detail you go through in a clearly understandable and user friendly style is something you don’t find too often!

    I just had a semi-related question on patients suffering from TMJ/Bruxism and are looking for more affordable alternatives than a guard or splint provided by a dentist – often questions arise about getting a hold of something via a ‘do it yourself’ method with a home impression kit for a custom fitted guard or boiling what is very near to a sports mouthguard. I’ve attached a couple of examples here:

    [links to well-known online shopping sites removed]

    I just wondered if you could shed some light on whether either of these could be valid recommendations due to the price point for those not willing to spend the cost of a dentist-made guard or splint.

    It would be brilliant to hear from you soon and thank you again for the work you continue to put out.

    Best wishes,


    • Adrian Zacher

      Hi Roger, thanks for high praise – its much appreciated. Apologies for the delay replying (CV19 is my excuse!).

      So for the record, I must state that I am NEITHER a Doctor nor a Dentist. I can only point to the evidence – which clearly demonstrates that self-diagnosis and self-treatment of any condition is dangerous and if you are experiencing symptoms of bruxism such as jaw joint pain/tenderness, ear ‘stuffiness’, clicking or locking then please consult an expert TMJ dentist.

      You ask about the merits or otherwise (citing cost as the main determinant) of OTC ‘bruxism’ devices.

      Again I point to the evidence. I would suggest you review this post: https://snorer.com/otc-dental-devices-for-snoring/

      Let me know if you have questions and I can probably direct you to someone who can help you.




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