Best Earplugs for Snoring? (Sleep-expert assessment 2023)

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Earplugs seem a quick fix for problem snoring: an easy win.

When you’ve tried ear plugs for snoring and realised how damn uncomfortable they are, and you can STILL HEAR THE noise…

You end up here…

There are many reviews of earplugs to choose from, with the ‘best’ products even claiming their electronic technology cancels out the noise.

But I can help return peace and quiet to your bedroom, in a way that doesn’t make you feel guilty!


Not sure what I mean? 

Keep reading:

When you reach for ear plugs to block out snoring noise – STOP.

Take a moment and learn about self-help ways to stop – I cover 7 of them in this quick video:

Snorer Pharmacy® TOP 7 SELF HELP WAYS TO STOP SNORING (Introduction by Adrian Zacher)

Why care about fixing the noise?

Think of snoring as the fire alarm going off.

It could be nothing, but it might be trying to save your life. 

The last thing you do, is turn the fire alarm off and ignore the fire…

Snoring might be nothing but noise…

but it might be the metaphorical fire alarm, a symptom of Obstructive Sleep Apnoea or OSA, (when you can’t sleep and breathe at the same time).

It could be your body saying:

“Help. I can’t breathe when I go to sleep!”

I’m sure you’d agree breathing has its merits… and our understanding of the importance of sufficient quality sleep is improving.

Stay with me…

When I think of ear plugs for snoring…

I imagine someone driving a car with a broken exhaust (muffler for my US friends).

The driver, instead of fixing the exhaust, opts to block out the noise.

Which in turn creates several problems (think bedpartner of the snorer) they can’t use ear plugs because they:

  • Cannot hear their child crying at night
  • Cannot hear the police sirens (screams of their passengers!) or more seriously the smoke alarm in the bedroom

If you snore…

Start with some self-help ways to stop snoring and consider screening for obstructive sleep apnoea (OSA) especially if you’re overweight. Check out Snorer Pharmacy for your options.

If you’re worried about Covid19 and OSA then read this advice from the Sleep Apnoea Trust.

Ear plugs for snoring Buyers’ Guide

I get it. Because the need is NOW, you’re going to try earplugs. Perhaps as some sort of interim measure?

So look for some that have proof of effect with the low frequency sound of snoring.

In the UK, the British Standards Institute have a quality ‘kitemark’ for earplugs BS EN 352-2:2020, which:

  • “specifies requirements regarding the sound attenuation of the earplugs” (or in other words: how well they work).

Then get serious and consult a sleep-trained professional:


Consult a sleep-trained pharmacist

When ear plugs, self-help and pillows aren’t cutting it – it’s time to get serious.

sleep-trained pharmacist can direct you to the most appropriate expert to help you stop snoring.

They can also help with lifestyle issues (which may be the underlying reason why you snore).

They will screen you for sleep apnoea and decide if you need further investigation i.e. a sleep study.

If you don’t need a sleep study they can direct you to a sleep-trained dentist for a custom-made, anti-snoring device.

Which is the first way to stop snoring and also treat mild to moderate OSA3, 4.

While it goes without saying, that snoring keeps the bed partner awake (and sometimes the whole family) snoring may also be disturbing the sleep of the snorer (but perhaps they don’t know yet).

And it could be happening all night – every night.


Let’s go back to our car exhaust analogy, why is it noisy?

Do you crawl under the car, find out what’s wrong and try to fix it yourself, or do you go to the garage and have them fix it properly?

The same is true with snoring (except the clothes they wear are different…)

See your GP (Primary Care Practitioner) or if you’re lucky enough to live in the UK, consult a sleep-trained pharmacist.


OSA Obstructive Sleep Apnoea – (also spelt apnea) When an individual is unable to sleep and breathe at the same time. Visually, a repetitive pattern of breathing interruptions (apnoeas) occurring while the individual sleeps, due to a physical obstruction in the airway.

Signposting – Is the medical term for directing people to the most appropriate professional to help them based upon their answers to some high-level questions.

Sleep-trained Dentist – A dentist that has undertaken special interest training in sleep. As such they are able to obtain professional indemnity insurance.

Sleep-trained Pharmacist – A pharmacist that has undertaken special interest training in sleep-related breathing disorders (snoring and obstructive sleep apnoea).

Created by Adrian Zacher 

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