How is funded (and why it matters)

How we’re funded is important. It gets to the heart of our motivations at providing independent, impartial information and offering an alternative to ‘doing nothing’ for concerned sleepy snorers. is funded through licensing its intellectual property: Signposting and our on-demand professional education, to our exclusive worldwide licensee eeZed Ltd, a separate company incorporated in England and Wales.

Having the two businesses involved is important for three reasons: does NOT sell anti-snoring gadgets or recommend particular treatment options… (the latter should only be done on an individual basis by an appropriately trained medical or dental professional). The fact that we don’t sell or make treatment recommendations makes us different from many other sites as we’re not influenced by manufacturers or therapy providers.

Because we’re not unduly influenced by external providers (we don’t even have adverts or sponsorships), we maintain our editorial autonomy so you can be sure that any information we provide is impartial, independent and unbiased.

We teach the professionals about snoring and sleep apnoea. So they can help you.

eeZed Ltd. business and data is entirely separate from Ltd.

Created by Emma Easton  | Page last updated 8th April 2020