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Dental sleep medicine demystified

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Learn about snoring & sleep apnoea

Fix your snoring

Productive, healthy employees

Learn about dental sleep medicine

Free information guides to help you make informed choices.

Take just 10 minutes to get your sleep (and your life) back.

Learn how sleep aids employee safety and engagement.

Your path to dental sleep medicine success.

Read about snoring & sleep apnoea

Free guides to help you make informed choices.

Fix your snoring

Take 10 minutes to get your sleep (and your life) back.

Productive, healthy employees

Learn how sleep aids employee safety and engagement.

Learn dental sleep medicine

Dentists can help snorers. On-demand training with eCPD.

Independent sleep expertise: So what?

We focus on guiding and informing: helping snorers and their partners understand their options and have informed conversations with medical and dental professionals.

  • We review claims for snoring ‘cures’
  • We inform snorers and their long-suffering partners
  • We signpost snorers to treatment routes that suit them
  • We help dentists learn how to screen, recognise and manage snorers

Today’s buzzword / phrase for this is: Care Navigation.

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Snorer signposting

We signpost snorers to treatment routes that suit them, avoiding self-diagnosis and the pitfalls of self-treatment.

Anonymous sleep apnoea testing

We provide the world’s first anonymous home sleep testing so those who won’t come forward for testing and treatment (due to concern over their livelihood), can get help.

Dental sleep medicine training

To further help snorers get the help they need, we also offer on-demand sleep medicine training for dentists, widening the availability of treatment options.

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