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Get some sleep

Problem drowsiness?

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Why are we (as talking about SLEEP APNOEA?

ASAP Anonymous Sleep Apnoea Process™

We make home sleep testing anonymous so it’s ‘safe’ to seek help for sleepiness…

What is 'home sleep testing'?

Home sleep testing (HST) is the objective assessment of sleep quality and quantity…

Why anonymous?

Because ‘confidential‘ doesn’t seem to mean confidential anymore….

What would you tell your family?

If you fell asleep and caused an accident – What would you tell your family?

Free Snorer Guides

Don’t self-diagnose and either convince yourself of imminent death (!) or that you don’t have a problem – “its just snoring… blah blah”

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Snoring & obstructive sleep apnoea overview

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Exposing more than you want to?

We won’t look!
Concerned your GP may report your daytime sleepiness to the DVLA and it may affect your ability to earn a living? You should be! We provide anonymous sleep apnoea testing, so it is safe to seek help. 

Did you know that key differences exist between confidential and anonymous sleep apnoea testing?


The 'elephant in the room'

… is the unspoken truth that some people won’t test for sleep apnoea, for fear of the impact on their career, and livelihood. offers expert, anonymous sleep apnoea testing to individuals and through employers; making it risk-free to test.

We are proud to work in partnership with Papworth Hospital NHS Foundation Trust.



People with untreated sleep apnoea syndrome (OSAS) are 40% more likely to be off work sick than good sleepers


Research suggests that as many as 21% of commercial drivers may have OSA

In 2012, employee absence cost the UK economy a staggering £14 billion

DVLA state 106 days between revoking a Group 1 licence for sleep apnoea and reinstating it

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The information provided on is intended to complement and not replace the relationship an individual has with their own doctor. If you experience excessive daytime sleepiness or are worried about any aspect of health you should contact your doctor/PCP in person as a matter of urgency.

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