How we’re different

We don’t make money from encouraging you to buy a particular anti-snoring therapy or sleep apnoea product.

Bhik Kotecha
Prof Bhik Kotecha FRCS
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Mr Iain Ormiston FRCS
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Dr Roy Dookun BDS
Dr Lizzie Hill PhD
Gareth Evans, BPharm(hons) MRPharmS

We work with specialists from medical, dental and pharmacy disciplines, sharing their expertise without jargon or bias to provide you with independent impartial information and signpost you to the most appropriate help.

We’d be nothing without our Dream Team!

Now that’s different! policy is to ensure that our Snorer Guides are consistent with positions of the National Institutes of Health, findings of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, guidelines of relevant medical/dental societies, and professional consensus statements or best evidence based on scientific research published in peer-reviewed journals.

No adverts, sponsorships or ‘powered by’

To maintain our editorial autonomy and the commitment of the expert authors that write for, we are proud not to carry adverts, endorsements or sponsorships.

We’re not part of some affiliate income scheme where you end up on a online retailers website!

Independent and impartial

We’re a business BUT we do things very differently… is an independent, British, online business.

We are all passionate about providing snorers (and partners!) with impartial information and assistance in order to give them control.

How are we independent?

We aren’t the customer face of a big company trying to sell their sleep apnoea or snoring products. We are different:

  • is NOT tied to any manufacturer, Government or service.
  • With a ‘whole of market’ independent perspective, helps snorers choose the most appropriate product or service, for their needs.
  • absolutely respects the necessity for a medical diagnosis of sleep-related breathing disorders and the prescription of the most appropriate item before commencing any treatment or therapy.

We aim to provide affected individuals (that’s both the snorer and the partner) with the knowledge and information necessary, to have a more informed dialogue with their Doctor/Medical Practitioner and prescriber, regarding treatment options, putting the individual back in control.

How are we impartial?

We don’t make money from the sale of any particular product for snoring or sleep apnoea or carry adverts.

Our information guides are either co-authored or verified by medical and dental experts and accredited by The Information Standard.

Read more about us and how this site is funded for more information.

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