About Snorer.com


We do NOT sell anti-snoring devices.

We’re passionate about sleep and breathing.

So, we use our passion and expertise to help snorers and their partners.


Don’t all sleep businesses provide information?

Yes, but when comparing Snorer.com with another business, consider their perspective and objectivity.

Our Aim and Motivation

Our aim is to provide unbiased information that enables you to make informed choices about your health.

We do not sell anti-snoring devices

We review ‘cures’, signpost snorers and provide on-demand professional education about sleep-related breathing disorders.

Founded in 2012 Snorer.com is an independent, British, web-based business providing snorers with impartial information and assistance.

Who and Why

We’re often asked why ‘Snorer‘.com?

The simple answer is that people may think of themselves as a snorer, even perhaps a loud or ‘heavy’ snorer. Yet they don’t think of themselves as having sleep apnoea.

We know sufferers need valid help – and we know they’re often misinformed and exploited.

We absolutely include the family as sufferers too.

  • In March 2019 we launched Snorer.me Signposting™, to direct snorers to the most appropriate professional to help them.
  • In 2017 Adrian launched on-demand professional education for dentists.
  • Prior to that Adrian invented and we pioneered anonymous sleep apnoea testing.
Adrian Zacher MBA

Adrian Zacher MBA

Director & Founder

Snoring & Sleep Apnoea Care Navigator and Dental trainer

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Snorer.com would be nothing without the expert help and support of our Dream team.

Don’t all sleep businesses provide information?

Snorer.com does not sell anti-snoring devices, positive airway pressure products, offer surgery for snoring or other such services.

Snorer.com is not affiliated or associated with any firms that sell such products or services.

Snorer.com never receives a commission, so we’re not influenced by a conflict of interest.

Aim and Motivation

We aim to provide you with the necessary knowledge and information, for you to have a more informed dialogue with your Doctor/Medical Practitioner and prescriber regarding your treatment options.

Our motivations are simple:

We want to improve lives and save lives. 

Our Mission Statement

We will signpost patients to the most appropriate professional to help them stop snoring and/or have sleepiness/drowsiness investigated.

We will remove the fear of testing for sleep apnoea.

We’ll provide information you need – the criteria for choice – we will do this independently and use the best and most up-to-date evidence we can find.

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