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“Well done Adrian. There are both too many people not getting the help they need, as well as too many people being mis-sold the help that they don’t need.”

Darren Umbers (Former Regional Director UK & Ireland, Philips Respironics)

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I cofounded the:

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Snorer.com is where I show you the exact tips, strategies and techniques you need to wake up with your partner smiling in bed beside you. 

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About Adrian Zacher

Adrian Zacher MBA

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Author, CEO & sleep medicine pioneer helping pharmacists resolve the insomnia, snoring and apnoea epidemics.

Snorer.com was founded by Adrian Zacher, an internationally recognised sleep business expert.

After 18 years in small and corporate sleep businesses, Adrian set up Snorer.com to disrupt the pseudo-scientific marketing commonly used to exploit snorers and their partners, and to share the lessons he learned along the way.

Since launching Snorer.com, Adrian quickly made a name for himself by publishing easy-to-read, evidence-based help, that snorers and professionals can grasp. Snorer.com is now one of the most popular snoring and sleep apnoea sites online, with hundreds of users each day.

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