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What you need to know:

Losing excess weight, may with time, support from your partner, and lots of willpower (typically ~ 6 months to lose sufficient weight) help you stop snoring.

How weight loss helps

Alcohol makes you snore because it super-relaxes your throat.
Which makes it floppy and prone to vibrate.

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Smoking inflames the tissues of your throat, which makes your airway narrower, the air you breathe travel faster and as a consequence you snore.

Consult your GP or pharmacist about help quitting. If you’re in the UK the NHS can help.

Sleeping on your back makes you snore, because gravity pulls your tongue backwards, which narrows your airway.

Learn more about Positional Therapy

Nasal airflow restriction may make you snore because you open your mouth to breathe.

How this works:

Some evidence exists that a reduction in snoring may be achieved if you persist with throat exercises, such as singing and playing wind instruments.

Sedatives e.g. sleeping pills, some types of antihistamines, and painkillers may make you snore as they super-relax your throat. Consult your GP/Pharmacist

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