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Become an expert and bring a new skill to your practice…
Sleep-trained dentists can help snorers and treat snoring!

Learn from industry experts how to:

  • help snorers
  • build your sleep business
  • screen for sleep apnoea (UK dentists only)
  • get the ‘bite’ right
  • choose custom oral appliances
  • become an expert
  • build a network of referral sources
  • and more!

Use resources and tools to suit you:

  • check lists
  • webinars
  • video animations
  • easy to follow videos
  • cheat sheets
  • quizzes (with explanations)
  • real live support!

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Adrian Zacher, your lead specialist with snorer.training
Adrian Zacher, founder of Snorer.com, co-founder and former CEO of the British Society of Dental Sleep Medicine, who was the dental sleep medicine subject matter expert and International Business Development Manager for ResMed, studied at Judge Business School, Cambridge and brings over 20 years experience and international market insight to help YOU help more patients.


Easy to use resources – whether you prefer written words, recorded video or live webinars with Q&As, useful content has been created to suit you.


Whether you want to check something whilst you’re in clinic, or during your lunch break, or if you have time in the evening or over the weekend, you can dip into 20+ years knowledge whenever convenient.


Every day is a school day! Whether you’re new to sleep medicine or have been on a few courses, there are still things to learn.

With course content and resources created by the founder and other industry leaders, you can be sure you’ll take something away to implement straight away.


We’re not tied to any device manufacturer or therapy provider, so what you learn is completely impartial.

Having a broad knowledge means that you’ll be well placed to prescribe the device that suits your patient best.

This is a very simple, yet effective tool to learn about Dental Sleep Medicine. The online nature of the program allows you to learn at your own pace and schedule.

Also, the information provided will be a great starting point for any dentist who’s interested in learning about Dental Sleep Medicine.

In summary; a well-organized, thorough online learning tool!!

Dr Shouresh Charkhandeh DDS

Recipient of the “2012 & 2015 Clinical Research Award” and “2015 Clinical Excellence Award” from the American Academy of Dental Sleep Medicine (AADSM).


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