Snoring Partner’s Guide

Download for free, our ‘Partners Guide‘ for the concerned partners and family members of snorers.

If you’re sleep is impacted by a snoring partner or family member, then this Guide is for you. The idea behind it is simply to give you some ideas and pointers, and help you have an informed conversation about changing the situation – not just sleeping apart.

We earnestly believe, people need help with snoring and not just to be sold a quick-fix gadget. So this Guide aims to educate, encourage and empower you. It covers snoring and sleep apnoea/apnea from the warning signs to risk factors.

We’re proud that all of our Information Guides are accredited by the NHS Information Standard, which is a quality mark supported by NHS England that helps people to choose reliable health and social care information.

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Partner’s Guide – Information for those who want to help a snorer

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This Guide aims to help you have a productive conversation with your partner (or family member) about their snoring. You will learn what happens when they sleep and snore, what happens when snoring becomes more serious, about the risk of obstructive sleep apnoea/apnea (OSA), and what you can do to help them.

It is a MUST READ for anyone who is worried about a loved one’s snoring.

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Once you’ve read our Information Guides, you may be wondering who can help your other-half stop snoring?

Consult a sleep-trained pharmacist – do it together. 

Support groups

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• Sleep Apnoea Trust Association: 
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• American Sleep Apnea Association: 

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