Consultancy & Keynote speeches

If you have a project in sleep medicine or need to hear from a leading authority in the field, Adrian would be delighted to help.

Very simply put, we wouldn’t be here, providing useful information to snorers, families, employers and dental professionals if it wasn’t for Adrian Zacher. His 25+ year experience covers oral appliance therapy, respiratory & dental market assessment, market entry strategic planning and futures thinking facilitation. His inventions have won awards, and his recommendations have led to global expansion through acquisition and regulatory negotiation.

Typical consultancy projects

Here are just some of the projects that Adrian has undertaken:

  • Market assessment
  • ‘Go-to-market’ strategy development
  • Channel and regulatory assessment
  • Competitor analysis
  • Futures thinking/scenario planning facilitation

If you have a project that needs specialist market input and insight, get in touch.

I had the pleasure of working with Adrian while we were both at ResMed. Adrian is extremely knowledgable about the snoring market; and certainly has an excellent technical understanding. He has a high level of integrity and approaches his work with passion.

Ross Sommerville

(ex MD UK/Ireland, Regional VP Europe), ResMed

Adrian is a knowlegable and proficient Sleep professional whose advice I regularly sought with always positive outcomes.

Professor Adrian Williams

Professor of Sleep Medicine, Guy’s & St Thomas’s NHS Foundation Trust

Adrian went above and beyond to provide us with the information we needed. Adrian not only exceeded our expectations but remains a great resource that we can turn to when needed.

Loran Simon

Co-Founder, Somnowell Ltd

Adrian is very creative in solving problems. He likes to think out of the box and comes up with solutions that fit perfectly in a box.

Jef Nelissen


I have known Adrian as a pioneer in dental sleep medicine for nearly 20 years. His knowledge of the international market, pricing strategy and multiple other key factors for success were instrumental in us winning the SomnoMed contract for the UK.

Ann John

MD, JJ Thompson Ltd

I am highly impressed with the depth of his technical and professional knowledge concerning sleep breathing disorder therapy. He is at the vanguard of this rapidly evolving industry and has been a pleasure to do business with.

Peter George


Adrian Zacher MBA

Adrian has a wide ranging experience in medical devices for both conscious and unconscious respiratory medicine. He is a recognised pioneer, inventor, author, expert and serial entrepreneur.

He is passionate about a holistic approach to patient care and frustrated by silo mentalities that stand in the way of improved patient outcomes.

Adrian pioneered the first commercial dental sleep medicine laboratory in Europe; ZSA Ltd. During the 11 years of successfully running ZSA, he invented a sleep device that could be adjusted to suit the individual needs of the wearer, winning an award for the device. He went on to co-found the British Society of Dental Sleep Medicine (BSDSM) and instigated and assembled the sleep medicine team which ultimately developed the Pre-Treatment Screening Protocol, which forms the benchmark for obstructive sleep apnoea screening in the UK. He continues to provide specialist dental sleep medicine knowledge to interested parties.

Adrian successfully completed his MBA in Oxford. He consulted to ResMed making a recommendation that they diversify their portfolio by buying Laboratoires Narval, a French oral appliance manufacturer, which ResMed went onto acquire. He was then headhunted to lead international business development, working as subject matter expert on oral appliances and dental sleep medicine. He left in February 2012.

Adrian is often asked for advice and insight in the field of sleep medicine, co-authoring a chapter in Carranza’s Clinical Periodontology Expert Consult, and consulting to leading sleep business like SomnoMed. He has also co-taught Section 63 courses in Dental Sleep Medicine alongside Dr Roy Dookun, and trained dental technicians at Lambeth College.

Whilst taking time off as a new parent (truly appreciating the need for good quality sleep!) he started work on Ltd.

When not running, including (for patients), (for employers) and (for dentists), Adrian runs a LinkedIn group “The impact of sleep disorders on business” is a member of the British Sleep Society and a recent past Trustee of the charity Hope2Sleep that supports patients with sleep-related breathing disorders.

If your project would benefit from Adrian’s expertise, or your event would like a unique perspective that spans corporate, medical and dental, please get in touch.

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