Safe and Effective  or Dangerous?

Chin Straps for Snoring

So your mouth opens and you snore when you fall asleep…

Would a Chin Strap Stop YOU Snoring?

Do Chin Straps make Snoring Better or Worse?

If your mouth is closed you breathe through your nose

Chin Straps move your jaw the WRONG way

Most  Chin Straps narrow your airway

Chin straps may help if you use a nasal PAP mask (and air is escaping from your mouth)

but the real solution is a full face PAP mask.

Consult a sleep-trained pharmacist

When self-help doesn't help:

They check if you need a sleep study

Check for what

Obstructive Sleep Apnoea (OSA)


Then Signpost  you to either  your GP or a sleep-trained dentist