Want to stop snoring?

Snoring can be treated in a number of ways.
It can be difficult knowing where to go for treatment, UNTIL NOW!

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Snorer.me is about to launch! It’s a new, free, online signposting tool that uses industry recognised triage questions to connect snorers with the most appropriate professionals, in order to get treated. 


Easy process

Answer a handful of questions to be signposted to the most appropriate treatment route for you.

Download your answers and take them with you to any health appointment to speed your treatment.



Many over-the-counter treatments have been found to be ineffective1, wasting your time and money.

By using snorer.me you not only find a treatment route that suits you, but you are signposted to medical/dental professionals who will work to your specific needs.


snorer.me isn’t tied to any therapy provider or device manufacturer.

This means that you can be assured of signposting that is appropriate to your situation (not to a supplier that pays the most commission).

Joined up approach

Using a published protocol2, approved by the Association for Respiratory Technology and Physiology (ARTP)3 and the British Thoracic Society, this is not a dodgy online offering. This is a CE marked ‘clinical decision support system’.

Bringing together the expertise of GPs, sleep-trained dentists, hospital specialists and pharmacists, after answering a few simple questions, we can direct you to the best avenue for an effective snoring treatment.

It’s easy to pretend you don’t have a snoring/sleepiness problem… but on the otherhand who hasn’t convinced themselves of imminent death after browsing WebMD? This is your valid alternative!

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