Test ANONYMOUSLY for sleep apnoea and don't risk your career

Sleep Apnoea Test – ANONYMOUS help for drowsiness

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In partnership with Royal Papworth Hospital NHS Foundation Trust we are proud to provide anonymous sleep apnoea testing and facilitate an accelerated route to NHS treatment for sleepy people in vigilance critical roles.

If you are then diagnosed with obstructive sleep apnoea syndrome (you are excessively sleepy during your normal awake time) you may then obtain accelerated NHS treatment if you are in a vigilance critical role (such as an occupational driver, train driver, pilot, master mariner etc.).

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I wouldn't have tested without this. I would still be driving my truck, nodding off at the wheel and sleeping in laybys, if this wasn't available.

Name withheld ASAP Anonymous Sleep Apnoea Process June 16, 2016

* This is exclusively a UK service.*

The fee is for the HIRE of the home sleep test unit, all carriage costs and the hospital fee to anonymously assess and potentially diagnose obstructive sleep apnoea. Should you be diagnosed you can be treated as an NHS patient, at Royal Papworth Hospital NHS Foundation Trust within 5 days of receipt of your GP referral.


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How does this work?

  1. You HIRE the test equipment, which is then despatched to your home
  2. You sleep wearing the test equipment *
  3. The next day you post the test equipment (in the supplied freepost bag) to Papworth
  4. They download the data, assess it together with your questionnaire responses
  5. A Consultant Physician then examines the data and responses, and if possible diagnoses your condition
  6. You receive a notification to login and download your results
  7. When YOU want to – you take your diagnosis to your GP (within 6 months of testing) and request a referral to a sleep unit
  8. If you choose Papworth Hospital they will see you within 5 working days of receipt of your referral. Your GP will advise you that you must not drive or perform a similar vigilance critical role until you are satisfactorily treated

* If you need help setting up the test equipment then call the Papworth Sleep Lab (without using your name) and identify yourself as an ASAP™ patient, on 01480 364 168. They are available Mon-Fri, 0900 – 1600hrs.

We wish to highlight the below key points from our shop Terms and Conditions :

  • This is exclusively a UK service. Orders from other Countries will be cancelled.
  • You are HIRING the HST unit and paying for an expert assessment by the team at Royal Papworth Hospital NHS Foundation Trust, Respiratory Support and Sleep Centre
  • You must comply with the Agreed Period of hire (two working days and one night’s use)
  • You waive your right to a statutory cancellation period
  • Your results data is irretrievably deleted 7 days after your download.
  • You must return the hired home sleep test (HST) unit to the address below or risk losing your anonymity:

Royal Papworth Hospital NHS Foundation Trust
Papworth Everard
CB23 3RE

The ASAP™ anonymous sleep apnoea process utilises Stowood new tab CE marked sleep test equipment. Click to download the Stowood Black Series component sheet.

ASAP™ benefits both the employer and individual.

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