Is ASAP™ legal & ethical?

Yes, the ASAP Anonymous Sleep Apnoea Process™ from is both legal and ethical.
is ASAP legal and ethical?

With existing home sleep apnoea testing systems, it is possible to use fake names and provide false contact information, such that there already exists a de-facto form of anonymous home sleep apnoea testing, which is underground and unregulated.

ASAP™ is a controlled, anonymous home sleep apnoea testing option, that does not involve anxiety and secretiveness in order to obtain help.

We don’t believe that people should find their only option is to lie or cheat to get the healthcare they request or need.

The BLF OSA experts’ conference concluded that:

“services should be designed for the patient.”1

ASAP™ is a absolutely a patient-centric offering.

Some medical professionals may find the inability to reach out to the patient, to ensure they follow up with treatment, sits uncomfortably with them, but the alternative is that an otherwise impervious group will simply not engage in dialogue, testing or treatment.

The intention of ASAP™ is to remove the barriers and make it ‘safe’ for sleepy snorers to reach out for help.

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Furthermore, there is already medical precedent for anonymous testing (as opposed to confidential) in another area of medicine, which is widely acknowledged to have contributed to many more undiagnosed sufferers coming forward for testing and treatment.2,3
Providing people with valid information about their health, empowers them to act. This is one of the reasons we created our impartial expert written guides about snoring and sleep apnoea! Finding the truth and self-preservation are powerful motivators for people to seek help when they know what their problem actually is.
Having taken all this into account, we, and the specialists at Papworth Hospital believe the benefits to individuals and society of anonymous home sleep testing, outweigh the potential harms, and certainly outweigh the potential harms of an individual doing nothing.
  • There is evidence that the LACK of anonymous home sleep testing poses a current risk to society (from undiagnosed individuals who delay or do not test for OSAS)
  • That potential benefits ARE likely to be realised even if at a minimum an individual testing anonymously receives a diagnosis of OSAS (and potential signposting to effective treatment) then modifies their behaviour
  • The potential harms are largely HYPOTHETICAL and without evidence that such harm would occur
Sleep deprivation is classified as psychological torture by Amnesty International.4

1. British Lung Foundation OSA: the experts’ viewpoint conference report, February 2014, p27.
2. Dr. Werner Strobel, University Hospital, Switzerland. As this study was presented the ERS 2012, the data and conclusions should be viewed as preliminary until published in a peer- reviewed journal.
3. Salway-Hottes, Gilbert. Anonymous HIV Testing: Evidence Review and Environmental Scan, 2012
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