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Book me for a friendly and impartial zoom chat about how to really stop snoring.

When you must do something, anything… but just WHAT is a mystery – I will explain how everything works, what’s involved and why:

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    Whether you’ve put off doing anything for years

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    Or snoring has just become a real issue

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    Or perhaps you’re struggling with a therapy?

Available slots shown in your time zone. Alternatives by agreement get in touch.


  • Self-help to prescription anti-snoring devices
  • CPAP to ENT surgery
  • Bariatric to orthognathic surgery

we can discuss them all – impartially (I don’t sell ‘cures’).

And precisely because I’m not a Doctor, Dentist or Pharmacist, (I can’t give you medical advice), I can explain:

  • When each treatment is appropriate
  • What it’s like to use (I’m a patient too)
  • How to get what you actually need

The alternative, is to continue arguing… or take a punt on some gadget. I will charge you £47 GBP and set you straight.

How it works

With nearly three decades (yes, I’m that old!) of snoring and sleep apnea expertise behind me, I can progress you and remove all the mystery about how to stop snoring – sleep and breathe quietly once more.

I look forward to meeting you and helping you.

Adrian Zacher MBA

Author, sleep patient advocate/champion

CEO & sleep medicine pioneer helping pharmacists resolve the insomnia, snoring and apnoea epidemics.

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